Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wow! I am behind....Summer Recap!!

Wow! I am behind....where do I start?

Ok so it was a CRRRRAAAZZZY busy summer and now it's an even busier school year.

Since my Yard Sale fundraiser post, let me get you all caught up.

Atlanta Vacation:
Immediately following the yard sale, we took a much needed family vacation to of all places Atlanta, GA, the city I will be walking 60 miles in three days. It was fantastic. The kids had a great time, despite the smatterings of whining here and there due to the hot temperatures and long walks between subway stops. (Well, I think if we had known what we were in for just a few short weeks later (100+ temps), we would have been very thankful it was only 95 or so most days. Also, I secretly used those walks as training for the 3Day. Gotta get those miles in somehow!!) But I digress.
So what all did we do? What all did we not do should be the question. We did just about every major Atlanta attraction you could do in a week. Our first day, we took the kids to Six Flags for the whole day. They thought it was great and all of them rode their first roller coaster (mind you they are all 7!). Madison even rode the Scream Machine (A much brave girl than me! Did I mention how much I HATE those steep hills on roller coasters? Well in case you missed it, I HATE steep hills on roller coasters!!) She LOVED it and rode it twice!! You go girl! The next day was spent at the Coke Museum and was loved by all! It was nice and cool inside. Maybe that's what got 'em! Then the next day we just hung out most of the day did some shopping and then a Braves game that night. Girls thought the game was boring and hot, except for the snacks of course, but Taylor loved it and thought it was the coolest. We also spent some time one had at the Margaret Mitchell house, the Federal Reserve Building and the MLK historical site and home. Overall, it was a great and much needed get away.

Fund raising:

During June my fund raising really took off!! All of the promised donations came flooding in! I cannot thank all of my generous supporters enough! I have also continued to receive donations beyond my expectations! Now we are currently doing a 2 fund raisers, because $2300 is a minimum but not nearly enough to fight this disease. I will post about those separately on my blog.

Actual Training again:

After our Atlanta trip I was able to train some but only on Saturdays. With the kids home all summer and no sitter, I was not able to go out and walk any days but Saturdays. I did manage to DRAG my kids along on some 3 mile early morning walks during the week and they really enjoyed that. (Now they keep asking to go walk with me, but the walks are just too long and they are in school.) At the start of June I was walking 10 miles on Saturdays. In July, we bumped it up to 12 miles and walked that for about 3 weeks. The first time I walked 12 miles I thought I was going to pass out. (Did I mention I hate what has now become known as "bump up days"? Well I HATE them and they are the hardest days EVER to walk.) After that first 12, I nearly did pass out in the shower. I had to run and lay on my bed soaking wet because I felt so bad and light-headed. Plus the heat that morning probably didn't help. Needless to say 12 got easier after that.

Louisiana trip:

At the end of July, we took a trip to visit my grandmother in Jennings, LA. We spent about 4 days there and needless to say I got ZERO training in but I did spend 2 days painting her front porch, for which she was very grateful. I had intended on walking my 12 miles, but after spending 2 days straight in the 98+ heat I was too drained and exhausted to do it. Figured I'd just make it up when I got home.

Back to training:

Back from Louisiana and now it was time to get back to training not to mention the kids ready for school...maybe training would be easier to schedule too...ummmm NOT! Well we decided another "bump up" day was needed if we were going to stay somewhat on training schedule. So we bumped it up to 15. Ugggghhhhh!! I thought 10 and 12 were hard, 15 was nearly impossible but we did it and then the next week did it again. Really?? Really!

School starts and training.....well...:
Now the kids have started back and I have been busier than ever!! Even less time it seems to do training. So still going like clockwork on Saturdays @ 5am like it's a religion or something. And yep, you guessed it, time for another "bump up". Now we are up to 17 miles. Hard to believe I am doing 17 miles when 8 seemed sooooo hard and now soooo long ago. Only 7 more weeks to go...hopefully I will make it 20 before the 3Day.

Wow!! Almost there, in what seemed like plenty of time to train, now only a few weeks!! Where did all of the time go?

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