Wednesday, September 8, 2010

In the spirit of the Energizer Bunny.....$2300 raised....but Keep Going....

Keeping going.....with fund raising....with training....keep going it's never enough.

Well thanks a MILLION to all of my supporters and donors in this fight to raise money for breast cancer research and education!!

I have raised a total of $2507.65!! That surpasses the required $2300 minimum. But that is not enough. We need to keep going to raise more money to fight this awful disease and let me share with you why.

On the day I found out I had reached my $23oo, I was ecstatic, elated and joyful beyond words!! I had done it! I couldn't believe that I had actually set out on what seemed like an insurmountable task and I had accomplished it (at least the financial side of it!). I wanted to shout it to the roof tops, post it on FaceBook and Twitter, email all of my wonderful friends and donors!!! But I didn't.... I didn't do anything of those things. In fact I didn't tell one single soul of my accomplishment. Why?

Because on that same day, I received an email from our church secretary. In it she told us that a friend of mine and a lo of others, Cristina Boudha, had just been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. Wow! That news hit me like a ton of bricks.I was devastated and crushed beyond words. At the time, they thought I had spread to her lungs as well. But thankfully it had not. It has only spread to her lymph nodes. Now she is facing the fight of her life, just beginning the struggle to one day be known as a survivor.

This news brought it all into perspective. I am not collecting money just to collect money and reach a goal. In the end the goal is meaningless. In the end, all that counts is having enough money to fight this disease and bring treatment to the women that need it most.

So when I say $2300 is not enough, it's not. What is enough? Who knows. Just keep going. Keep trying to raise all the money that you can to fight this and being hope to women around the world, fighting everyday to to be able to say the words "I did it!" "I accomplished what seemed like an insurmountable task!"

Cristina Boudah, this post is dedicated to you and your fight. Keep going..keep inspiring us all to Keep going!!

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